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Sony ICD PX720

Best Bargain Basement: This is a fantastic entry level recorder, especially considering it has USB connectivity - allowing transfer of files to a pc.

The Sony ICD-PX720 weighs in at just 71g and comes with easy to use controls and crystal clear audio as well as capacity to store up to 280 hours of recording.

It has 1GB of flash memory and boasts an ultra-lightweight design, four recorder modes and five message folders. It also has a voice operated recording function that starts and stops recording automatically. Additional features include digital pitch control, stereo microphone jack and alarm function. Super High Quality 192kbps MP3 mode ensures crystal clear results with a pin-sharp 20,000Hz high frequency range

The playback functions are equally impressive at the price. Digital pitch control means users can tweak playback to their preferred speed and tone, whilst the ability to correct original dictation ensures flawless recordings. Divide and delete editing functions also ensure that the resulting recording is just right.

This model can be connected to a PC via USB - essential for simple file archiving and use with speech-to-text software. If you don't need this function, choose it's little brother the Sony BX700 which has no USB connectivity but is the same in eveery other respect except a lower price.

A great little recorder for the price. All the basic functions are there with pretty good sound quality too.

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